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Letter to the Husband

Dear Husband,

I choose not to speak but to write this as I know my words may unsettle you. However please remember my love for you remains forever true.

I left my home and opted to stay with you not because my family didn’t want me anymore; but because I chose to make a family with you and your people

I relinquished my identity and adopted your name not because I didn’t like mine; but because I chose to be yours completely.

I call your parents ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ not because I don’t have mine; but because I believe that they are mine too.

I let our child take your name not because I don’t have an existence; but because I want her to love you more than me.

I gave up my career to raise our child not because I had no ambition; but because I chose to fulfil a larger dream of having a happy life with you

I renounced my friends and the times with them not because I am an ascetic; but because I chose to spend every spare minute with you

I forsake my hobbies to make your house a home not because I could not afford them; but because I chose to invest in the right places

I paid no heed to my appearance not because I didn’t have the time; but I chose to believe you still found me beautiful on the inside

I hosted your family and friends with all my devotion not because it was my duty; but because I chose to let them know how happy a family we are

I bestowed upon you all my love and care not because I have to; but I chose to believe you loved me too

I still stand by you despite the blemishes and cracks between us not because I have nowhere to go; but I choose to believe that together we will go places….



Footnote: As I open the newspaper today, I read about another innocent life given up due to strained relationships and issues at home. Even in today’s era it appals me how women are wronged in their homes, ‘used’ by their husbands, mistreated by family and left battered for life. Some stronger ones just walk out. Some suffer in silence. And others, just give up on life itself.
In this attempt of mine I would like to let all the men know that your wife does not “have to” do what she is doing; she “chooses to”. And to all the women out there, remember, it is your own life. Embrace the right choices, sift out the bad ones and make a life that is exhilarating and beautiful. After all, ‘Happily ever after’ is not a Fairytale, it is a choice.


Saying what you feel is important - I see it as an extension of being the real 'Me'. My journey as a free soul begins with with expressing myself. Apart from being an xpressionista, I am a full time mom to an adorable angel, a wife, a daughter, sister, healthcare marketing professional and a hobby crafter too.

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Husband

  1. When I was going by each line, I literally had Goosebumps and It made me think how you wrote about an epoch that we as a women can easily relate to.
    I don’t say as a wife we only compromise to make a blissful family life, the efforts are equal.
    But I will totally agree a women has the power to resilient to any kind of conditions they confront and this only brings out the real difference.
    I just love your “Footnote”.

    Thanks for sharing such a good blog 🙂

    1. Thanks Diksha..I agree completely that it is both partners in the relationship that compromise to make a happy family..Will maybe write another blog where this beauty in relationships can be portrayed 🙂
      Thank you once again for visiting my blog.

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