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I am a Google mom!

I have always felt that kids are really smart – and today’s generation probably smarter. Smart kids ask questions. And lots of them! My five year old – ‘A’ is also a curious chatterbox with incessant questions. The questions can be on topics that are straightforward, silly, obvious; or they can be tough, or with answers I once knew but forgot, or about something I don’t know at all! Like the other day when this conversation transpired: Continue reading “I am a Google mom!”

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Letter to the Husband

Dear Husband,

I choose not to speak but to write this as I know my words may unsettle you. However please remember my love for you remains forever true.

I left my home and opted to stay with you not because my family didn’t want me anymore; but because I chose to make a family with you and your people

I relinquished my identity and adopted your name not because I didn’t like mine; but because I chose to be yours completely. Continue reading “Letter to the Husband”

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Mumbai – Another year, a different view (Part 1)

Mumbai – the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city with the most awesome spirit and always open arms!  My tryst with Mumbai began ten years ago, and the city is my home today. This month as I celebrate another birthday and another year of mine in Mumbai, I was actually reminiscing the days I have spent here….And I realised, there are so many things I have not done here yet, so many places I haven’t visited yet…So this year, apart from all the gifts I received, I decided to gift myself the opportunity to look at the city with a new lens. Continue reading “Mumbai – Another year, a different view (Part 1)”

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Time for the NEW

Beautiful Spring!

The old ones leave and depart, making way for the new…pretty tender leaves springing from the grand old tree outside my window 🙂
Such is life too. The old makes way for new. All you need is to continue the nourishment deep inside.
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Peshawari @ ITC Grand Maratha: Timeless classic

I visited Peshawari at ITC Grand Maratha for the first time around 10 years ago…and fell in love with the food there! The love still remains – for the same, luscious fare: the Dal Bukhara, the Paneer Khurchan, Vegetarian platter and the naans/kulchas.

Amongst all the eateries across that I have been to; and even the ones within ITC, Peshawari is probably a league apart. The simple, concise menu of the choicest North-Western Frontier food consisting of kebabs, tandoori delicacies and the bukhara recipes with rich gravies and mild spices, leave you gastronomically satiated; but asking for more. Being a vegetarian, I of course do not have the privy to comment on the non-veg platters, kebabs and curries; but whenever I have had friends and colleagues join for a meal, have only heard how they have gotten bowled over (and mocked at what I am missing!). Continue reading “Peshawari @ ITC Grand Maratha: Timeless classic”

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A fine BREW

TEA, or Chai: First finding mention in the ancient Ramayana, was re-introduced in India by the British, especially commercial plantations, and has now become an integral part of every household. Like most other Indians, my day begins with a cuppa chai, and feels incomplete without all the flavour it brings into my day.

The journey of tea has been interesting: I will not get into the chronology as the internet is full of these details…but the fact of the matter is that tea started finding a daily place in the local households in India as late as the 1950’s….but once it did, what a flavourful journey it has been! And what best could one expect from the land of spices? The Indian tea became spiced and infused with different tastes from across the states. Continue reading “A fine BREW”