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I am a Google mom!

I have always felt that kids are really smart – and today’s generation probably smarter. Smart kids ask questions. And lots of them! My five year old – ‘A’ is also a curious chatterbox with incessant questions. The questions can be on topics that are straightforward, silly, obvious; or they can be tough, or with answers I once knew but forgot, or about something I don’t know at all! Like the other day when this conversation transpired: Continue reading “I am a Google mom!”

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“I wish could don that (school) uniform again..”

It is a rushed morning as usual, as I get dressed to work and prep up my daughter to go to school…her new school has a “new” requirement – she has now graduated from wearing her home clothes while at the Playgroup, to a school uniform..Almost mechanically, I run through the daily chores and finally take a minute to breathe and hug my daughter before I dress her up..

When she’s ready, she looks at me and in all her innocence asks me:” Mumma, where is your uniform?”. And my mind drifts away..from the morning rush, from the deadlines, from the ticking clock, from my surrounding..and from this life I have today.. Continue reading ““I wish could don that (school) uniform again..””

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Am back to writing after a long break! Being a mommy is a full time job (everyone knows that!). But in the interest of my Macbook, I use very little of it. After all, unlike me, it won’t survive the runny nose, the concoction (read throwing up), the dirty/wet hands, the crayons, the jumping around, the water spills, the morsel of food she didn’t like and just returned (read spat), the tugging and lugging! So as my little one sleeps right now, I thought I’d sit down and type this.

In one of my previous write-ups I had written about the dilemma of being mommy or “me”; and while I may still search for a “middle path” to attain a balance there, I was also compelled to write this to bring out another facet of being a mommy – “embarrassment”! Don’t believe me? Read on.

How many times have you, as a mommy, faced a situation where your child blabbered or did something in public that left you red-faced? At least my little one has given me many such moments in 2 years! So here, I am recording some of the things that my little one has done or said that have left me looking for cover more often than once!

  1. At a friend/relative’s home: When offered an eatable that she never touches at home, she happily gobbles it…and even asks for more! And all this, when I just told my host, “No thanks! She won’t eat this!”

  2. At the restaurant: Apart from making sure that the cutlery and napkins are everywhere else but on the table, she will point out at the neighbouring diner’s table and shout out, “Mommy, I want that….what Aunty is eating!”. And won’t stop till she makes sure “Aunty” offers it to her or stops eating it!

  3. At the park: While making a sand castle with her own “kit” she suddenly stands up and decides the “kit” of the child next to her is better. So without a question, she gathers her belongings, dumps them next to the kid, takes all he has and comes back and continues to play quietly (while the other kid is wailing and whining!)

  4. While sitting and watching television with the family, on seeing a beach scene she suddenly screamed, “Mama, see…Auntie is naked! (read bikini clad) How bad!”

  5. In the supermarket: refusing to sit on a stroller, I reluctantly let her walk. She finds the shoes section. Lures me into helping her “try” a pair. And behold! Leaves her original pair behind and continues shopping other interesting things! “What about billing, sweetheart? We can’t take this as it is” I try to remove the shoes. “Why are you here Mama, if you can’t bill? I will come with Daddy next time.”

  6. At the mall/market/any place on earth: Me and her are walking side-by-side. I smell something (read poop) and bend down to check her diaper and ask her if she has done ‘potty’. “No!” is the prompt reply. And after about 5 minutes, in full public view, she screams, “Mama, I have done potty! Please change my feels dirty! Mama…potty…its smelling!”

Oops..this one is getting longer than I had thought! Maybe more moments in another post…till then be happy and enjoy all the “fun” your loved ones bring in your lives! Have a great weekend 🙂DSC_0026.JPG