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The hit formula: the wild and the sassy

Over the weekend I watched ‘Bareilly ki Barfi’: a delightful Bollywood movie based in a small and upcoming town in India. The central premise of the movie is that the female lead ‘Bitti’ is arguably the unconventional girl, the one who rebels and tries to breakaway from the so-called societal norms. She drinks, she shares a smoke with her father; and even curses. Far from the small town upbringing of ‘regular girls’, she is infuriated when a potential match asks her if she is a virgin. And these very traits in Bitti draw a handsome young man towards her – and her towards him as his ‘he is broadminded’ .

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Letter to the Husband

Dear Husband,

I choose not to speak but to write this as I know my words may unsettle you. However please remember my love for you remains forever true.

I left my home and opted to stay with you not because my family didn’t want me anymore; but because I chose to make a family with you and your people

I relinquished my identity and adopted your name not because I didn’t like mine; but because I chose to be yours completely. Continue reading “Letter to the Husband”

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Time for the NEW

Beautiful Spring!

The old ones leave and depart, making way for the new…pretty tender leaves springing from the grand old tree outside my window 🙂
Such is life too. The old makes way for new. All you need is to continue the nourishment deep inside.
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Dear Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,

The verdict is out and the decision is taken: the largest democracy of the world has chosen you to lead its people. There is a sense of euphoria amongst the youth, as if each one of them has won. But Mr. Modi, in reality, this is a victory of HOPE; and everything else is an after-effect. The most diverse country in the world, with people of numerous castes, creeds, languages, backgrounds has united in ensuring that  FAITH wins. We, the people of India, WISH for a better tomorrow. And we TRUST you will be a catalyst in bringing that change.

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Mom or Me?

Being a mother is the most beautiful experience in life, they say. I could not agree more. The joys motherhood brings are unmatched: Right from the day you discover you are pregnant, nurturing that little life inside of you, to the day you actually hold your bundle of joy in your arms; the days and months when you see your little one growing up, learning new skills, accomplishing new milestones….it all is a wonderful time in life!

Motherhood brings with it new experiences each day, and also new responsibilities. You need to act, eat, talk, behave, even sleep with caution. Your priorities in life change and so does your outlook towards life. You never knew anything about vaccinations or home remedies for cough/cold, but now you are one encyclopaedia on the subjects! With every passing milestone of your baby, you grow more as a mother.

But there is also another facet to all of this….what about your growth as “yourself”? For some, motherhood is a natural transition..but for a few (like me), being a mother means to let go of a lot of things that defined “me”….My habits, my favourite pass time, my hobbies, my “me time”, my ambitions, my carefree attitude and everything that made “me” the “me”….While most of us, for the love of our child choose to be mother first, there are women I know who would still retain the “me” more….and I am not judging anyone here..we are all different kinds of people….

However, after being a mother for some time, and after letting go of the “me” earlier, I want to get the “me” back. The dilemma of being a mother or being myself is constantly nagging me. I want to do all of my favourite things and still be my child’s best friend.  I want to nurture both, my child and my ambitions. I want to spare time for both, my child and my hobbies. I look forward to spending time with both, my child and my friends. I want to do both, live life to the fullest and fulfil my responsibilities…

This may sound weird to most; but only those who have been there, done that will understand what I mean…I am in no way shirking my responsibility of being a mother; however, I also have a responsibility of keeping myself happy…And I only want to understand how can I do both…how can I balance these…I only want to know how can I be both, “mom” and “me”….

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Just happened to find this while i was cleaning my room.This is not an original writing of mine..but I read this somewhere, re-read it today …and today, more than ever…i want to remind myself of these words…today, I want to let myself know that I have to determine how my life shapes up from here on…

I know circumstances, people, and their behaviors cannot be controlled by me. But I can decide how to react, I can decide on what should affect me and what should not. I have to take charge – is what my husband keeps telling me. He wants me to be happy in whatever I choose to do (or not to do); he has an infectious attitude about himself. And it is this positiveness that I want to be rubbed off onto me..It is his “never-say-die” attitude that today I need the most..and hence, these particular lines are making a lot of sense to me:

“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us. But how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst…a spark that creates extraordinary results.”

I want to be positive, I want to leave all the negativity behind and get a brand new outlook to life – with a meaning, a purpose and an acknowledgement of all things good.

“Today, I can complain because the weather is rainy, or can be thankful that the grass and trees are getting free water..

Today, i can grumble about my health or can rejoice that i am alive.

Today, I can cry because roses have thorns or i can celebrate that thorns have roses.

Today stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped. And here I am, the sculptor who gets to do the shaping.”



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The Tonic called “Shopping”

ImageShopping and women: they say there could hardly be a better combination! Large shopping bags, multiple brands, huge discounts and lots of deals….all make a great day for a woman!

I have heard about shopping being a stress-buster time and again…and I don’t know if the theory of “retail therapy” or shopping being therapeutic is true as a philosophy…however, I have personally felt shopping does make me forget my stress, in recent times. Shopping does relieve me, unburden me and rejuvenate me.

I have also come to realize that shopping need not necessarily be something purchased for me. I enjoy the process of buying stuff for my home, my husband, my baby and my family. It is probably the process and not the end result that is the most gratifying. It may not be incorrect, at least in my case, to say that “the act of shopping” is a stress buster for me. It may not be that I end up buying high value things or possessions that are for my use…but the whole practice of going to a store that has a good collection, (maybe good deals) and a decent experience puts me to ease even in my toughest times.

A “Fresh” View

New designs, colors or patterns, novel house-hold articles, gadgets, foods distract me and take me to a world where I see newness, freshness and variety …is it this aspect of shopping that wipes out stress? When out in a store, we come across an array of interesting, different and innovative things; an entire range of items that we haven’t seen before. And to add to it, these are creatively presented or attractively laid out. Is it this feeling of moving away from the chaos of our life, with a fresh new surrounding that reduces anxiety?

All I Desire

Is it the fact that when in a store, one is surrounded by things that one desires/covets/would like to possess; that transforms the person to a different world which is more perfect? We all want to own everything the world has to offer. While shopping, we have access to these “desired possessions” and may end up buying things we have so badly yearned for – the coveted dress, the shoes you wanted to show off, the gadget that would make your life simpler….Shopping brings all the belongings you ever wanted right in front of you, it opens up a world which you wanted…maybe this aspect is healing.

Biology & Chemistry

Is it that our body releases hormones that improve our state of happiness when we are surrounded by picture perfect/ pleasant ambiances? I don’t know if this is anyways connected to being happy when shopping, but I think pleasing atmospheres in malls/stores, attractive lay-outs and eye-catching displays do increase the happiness quotient. This part of the human physiology – release of happiness hormones like serotonins, endorphins, dopamine and their connection with shopping I cannot comment upon, but I am of the opinion that these may actually be related.

Whatever the reason, but I sure am happier during and after shopping, despite being anxious/ depressed.  Shopping – the process, the act, and the whole routine wipes away my worries, at least for the given duration. Also, I don’t know if this is only a “female” thing or do even men feel shopping is therapeutic?  (At least they are not interested when their better halves are shopping with them!)

But my tonic for a sad day: Go out, go shopping to a mall…treat yourself, no matter how big or small….

Happy shopping & happy after shopping!