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Mumbai – Another year, a different view (Part 1)

Mumbai – the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city with the most awesome spirit and always open arms!  My tryst with Mumbai began ten years ago, and the city is my home today. This month as I celebrate another birthday and another year of mine in Mumbai, I was actually reminiscing the days I have spent here….And I realised, there are so many things I have not done here yet, so many places I haven’t visited yet…So this year, apart from all the gifts I received, I decided to gift myself the opportunity to look at the city with a new lens. Continue reading “Mumbai – Another year, a different view (Part 1)”

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Mandu (Madhya Pradesh, India) : Beauty in the ruins

Mandu or Mandavgarh is a small town (mostly remnants and ruins) situated about 100 kilometres from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Its majestic monuments that have stood the tests of time & multiple invaders, are testimony to the great heritage of India. I have been to Mandu at least four times, and every time I see a new facet of the town, longing to go back to see more…My last trip to the town was about 5 years ago..and so this post stems from memories of that trip..

Mandavgarh, built on the Vindhyas, at about a height of 650 meters – and is a gem for people who love Indian history and archeology, like me. The town is flanked by the faraway Narmada on one side, and the route makes for a picturesque journey as my car moves uphill. The majestic fortress city is guarded by many gates or “Darwazas”, which are probably the first site that will greet you. These gates, as my guide told me, were a key in protecting the town, with guards placed at strategic positions and communication mechanisms established to alert the core city.  Continue reading “Mandu (Madhya Pradesh, India) : Beauty in the ruins”

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Jaipur: The city of many hues

Gate 2   Amber Fort Amber Fort   Jaipur Birla Temple


Jaipur: The capital of Rajasthan state in India is the first planned city in the country. It earned the sobriquet of “Pink City” thanks to the sandstone buildings/homes that cover most of the city. However, there is in reality so much colour and vibrance in the city, that I am compelled to call it the colourful city. Continue reading “Jaipur: The city of many hues”

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Photo Challenge: On Top

My interpretations: in varied forms of being “On top”.

The first picture is one taken atop a hill, picturing a temple in the ancient Indian town of Mahabalipuram.


The second picture is an eagle in flight atop the rock-cut shore temple, again at Mahabalipuram.Image

This picture was clicked on flight to LA – I loved the topography in Central USA….