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A fine BREW

TEA, or Chai: First finding mention in the ancient Ramayana, was re-introduced in India by the British, especially commercial plantations, and has now become an integral part of every household. Like most other Indians, my day begins with a cuppa chai, and feels incomplete without all the flavour it brings into my day.

The journey of tea has been interesting: I will not get into the chronology as the internet is full of these details…but the fact of the matter is that tea started finding a daily place in the local households in India as late as the 1950’s….but once it did, what a flavourful journey it has been! And what best could one expect from the land of spices? The Indian tea became spiced and infused with different tastes from across the states. Continue reading “A fine BREW”

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Mandu (Madhya Pradesh, India) : Beauty in the ruins

Mandu or Mandavgarh is a small town (mostly remnants and ruins) situated about 100 kilometres from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Its majestic monuments that have stood the tests of time & multiple invaders, are testimony to the great heritage of India. I have been to Mandu at least four times, and every time I see a new facet of the town, longing to go back to see more…My last trip to the town was about 5 years ago..and so this post stems from memories of that trip..

Mandavgarh, built on the Vindhyas, at about a height of 650 meters – and is a gem for people who love Indian history and archeology, like me. The town is flanked by the faraway Narmada on one side, and the route makes for a picturesque journey as my car moves uphill. The majestic fortress city is guarded by many gates or “Darwazas”, which are probably the first site that will greet you. These gates, as my guide told me, were a key in protecting the town, with guards placed at strategic positions and communication mechanisms established to alert the core city.  Continue reading “Mandu (Madhya Pradesh, India) : Beauty in the ruins”

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Plates, palates and places..

India and its penchant for good food is no secret – curries and cuisines from India have for so long been a world favourite! Indians are on the move like never before! And so is the food scene in India – there is so much happening! There was never so much action on the food front than now! Foodies are evolving and so is the food in India: From innovative fusion cooking, to molecular gastronomy dishes, to unusual world cuisine (South Korean anyone?), to places for the health conscious – restaurateurs are serving it all to the Indian palate! And we are lapping these up too! Continue reading “Plates, palates and places..”

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“I wish could don that (school) uniform again..”

It is a rushed morning as usual, as I get dressed to work and prep up my daughter to go to school…her new school has a “new” requirement – she has now graduated from wearing her home clothes while at the Playgroup, to a school uniform..Almost mechanically, I run through the daily chores and finally take a minute to breathe and hug my daughter before I dress her up..

When she’s ready, she looks at me and in all her innocence asks me:” Mumma, where is your uniform?”. And my mind drifts away..from the morning rush, from the deadlines, from the ticking clock, from my surrounding..and from this life I have today.. Continue reading ““I wish could don that (school) uniform again..””

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Dear Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,

The verdict is out and the decision is taken: the largest democracy of the world has chosen you to lead its people. There is a sense of euphoria amongst the youth, as if each one of them has won. But Mr. Modi, in reality, this is a victory of HOPE; and everything else is an after-effect. The most diverse country in the world, with people of numerous castes, creeds, languages, backgrounds has united in ensuring that  FAITH wins. We, the people of India, WISH for a better tomorrow. And we TRUST you will be a catalyst in bringing that change.

Continue reading “Dear Mr. Narendra Modi”

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Jaipur: The city of many hues

Gate 2   Amber Fort Amber Fort   Jaipur Birla Temple


Jaipur: The capital of Rajasthan state in India is the first planned city in the country. It earned the sobriquet of “Pink City” thanks to the sandstone buildings/homes that cover most of the city. However, there is in reality so much colour and vibrance in the city, that I am compelled to call it the colourful city. Continue reading “Jaipur: The city of many hues”

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Photo Challenge: On Top

My interpretations: in varied forms of being “On top”.

The first picture is one taken atop a hill, picturing a temple in the ancient Indian town of Mahabalipuram.


The second picture is an eagle in flight atop the rock-cut shore temple, again at Mahabalipuram.Image

This picture was clicked on flight to LA – I loved the topography in Central USA….


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Am back to writing after a long break! Being a mommy is a full time job (everyone knows that!). But in the interest of my Macbook, I use very little of it. After all, unlike me, it won’t survive the runny nose, the concoction (read throwing up), the dirty/wet hands, the crayons, the jumping around, the water spills, the morsel of food she didn’t like and just returned (read spat), the tugging and lugging! So as my little one sleeps right now, I thought I’d sit down and type this.

In one of my previous write-ups I had written about the dilemma of being mommy or “me”; and while I may still search for a “middle path” to attain a balance there, I was also compelled to write this to bring out another facet of being a mommy – “embarrassment”! Don’t believe me? Read on.

How many times have you, as a mommy, faced a situation where your child blabbered or did something in public that left you red-faced? At least my little one has given me many such moments in 2 years! So here, I am recording some of the things that my little one has done or said that have left me looking for cover more often than once!

  1. At a friend/relative’s home: When offered an eatable that she never touches at home, she happily gobbles it…and even asks for more! And all this, when I just told my host, “No thanks! She won’t eat this!”

  2. At the restaurant: Apart from making sure that the cutlery and napkins are everywhere else but on the table, she will point out at the neighbouring diner’s table and shout out, “Mommy, I want that….what Aunty is eating!”. And won’t stop till she makes sure “Aunty” offers it to her or stops eating it!

  3. At the park: While making a sand castle with her own “kit” she suddenly stands up and decides the “kit” of the child next to her is better. So without a question, she gathers her belongings, dumps them next to the kid, takes all he has and comes back and continues to play quietly (while the other kid is wailing and whining!)

  4. While sitting and watching television with the family, on seeing a beach scene she suddenly screamed, “Mama, see…Auntie is naked! (read bikini clad) How bad!”

  5. In the supermarket: refusing to sit on a stroller, I reluctantly let her walk. She finds the shoes section. Lures me into helping her “try” a pair. And behold! Leaves her original pair behind and continues shopping other interesting things! “What about billing, sweetheart? We can’t take this as it is” I try to remove the shoes. “Why are you here Mama, if you can’t bill? I will come with Daddy next time.”

  6. At the mall/market/any place on earth: Me and her are walking side-by-side. I smell something (read poop) and bend down to check her diaper and ask her if she has done ‘potty’. “No!” is the prompt reply. And after about 5 minutes, in full public view, she screams, “Mama, I have done potty! Please change my feels dirty! Mama…potty…its smelling!”

Oops..this one is getting longer than I had thought! Maybe more moments in another post…till then be happy and enjoy all the “fun” your loved ones bring in your lives! Have a great weekend 🙂DSC_0026.JPG